Reducing Digital Forensic Investigation Time With CyCraft’s CyCarrier Air Platform

CyCraft brings a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to the table, building resilience through autonomous systems and human-AI collaboration powered by its flagship solution, the CyCarrier AIR platform.

The CyCarrier AIR platform automates SOC operations, forensics, detection and response operations for CyCraft’s Fortune Global 500 and national government clients, performing managed detection and response (MDR), incident response (IR), threat hunting and accurate remediation. CyCarrier AIR collects endpoint evidence using the company’s Xensor platform, conducts automated correlation and behavior analysis, and validates threats with its global threat intelligence platform, CyberTotal. Altogether, CyCraft’s primary objective is to bring ROI-efficient cyber resilience solutions to the global stage.

CyCraft's client was about to begin acritical acquisition. The CyCarrier AIR platform was able to shorten the pre-acquisition cybersecurity investigation from several months to just a few days, reducing investigation time by over 99%.

Resource: Frost & Sullivan


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